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highest adj
1 approaching or constituting a maximum; "maximal temperature"; "maximum speed"; "working at peak efficiency" [syn: peak(a)]
2 highest and most significant; "his highest achievement"

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  1. Most high.


superlative of high


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This article describes extreme locations on Earth. Entries listed in bold are Earth-wide extremes.

Extreme elevations and temperatures per continent

ContinentElevation (height above sea level)Temperature (recorded) HighestLowestHighestLowest
[A]: Height above sea level is the usual choice of definition for elevation. In terms of the point farthest away from the centre of the Earth, Chimborazo in Ecuador (6,267 m) can be considered the planet's most extreme high point. This is due to the Earth's oblate spheroid shape, with points near the Equator being farther out from the centre than those at the poles. [B]: A temperature of 53.1 °C (128.0 °F) was recorded in Cloncurry, Queensland on 16 January, 1889 under non-standard exposure conditions and is therefore not considered official. Transcript of report on the highest temperature [C]: This is the highest recorded air temperature. Higher surface temperatures have been measured, for example, 70.7 °C (159.3 °F) in 2005 in the Lut desert, Iran.

Greatest vertical drop

Greatest purely vertical dropGreatest nearly vertical dropDeepest cave2,140 metres (7,021 feet)Voronya Cave, Arabika Massif, Abkhazia, Georgia. Deepest pitch (single vertical drop)603 metres (1,978 feet)Vrtoglavica Cave, Slovenia
See also List of caves.

Greatest oceanic depths

Atlantic Ocean8,648 metres (28,374 feet)Milwaukee Deep, Puerto Rico Trench Arctic Ocean5,450 metres (17,881 feet)Litke Deep, Eurasia Basin Indian Ocean8,047 metres (26,401 feet)Diamantina Deep, Diamantina Trench, South East Indian Basin Mediterranean Sea5,267 metres (17,280 feet)Calypso Deep, Ionian Basin, 45 miles SW of Pylos, Greece Pacific Ocean10,923 metres (35,838 feet)Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench Southern Ocean7,235 metres (23,690 feet)South Sandwich Trench (southernmost portion, at 60°S)

Deepest ice

Ice sheets on land, but having the base below sea level. Places under ice are not considered to be on land.

Coldest and hottest inhabited places on Earth

Hottest inhabited placeFitzroy Crossing, Western Australia and Wyndham, Western Australia whose average maximum temperatures are 35.6 °C (96 °F) Coldest inhabited placeEureka, Nunavut, Canada daily average temperature is −19.7 °C (−3.46 °F)

Northern and southernmost points of land on Earth

Northernmost point on EarthKaffeklubben Island, east of Greenland ()Various shifting gravel bars lie further north, the most famous being Oodaaq Southernmost point on EarthThe geographic South Pole


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